• Chiller Replacement: Prime consultant for the installation of one new 1300-ton centrifugal chiller to existing absorption chiller. Scope of work also included ASHRAE Standard 15 ventilation system.
  • Cooling Tower Replacement: Prime consultant for the replacement of existing wood cooling tower with new 1300 ton, stainless steel, quad-cell induced draft cooling tower. Scope of work also included new condenser water pumps, cooling tower filtration system, and new controls for interfacing with existing building automation system.
  • Chiller Plant Interconnection: Prime consultant for piping modifications to allow interconnection between Main Mechanical Plant and East Mechanical Plant.
  • Boiler Automation: Prime consultant for replacement of existing boiler controls for three existing dual fired steam boilers. Purpose of control upgrade was to increase boiler efficiency, document fuel use and steam production, monitor operation in control room, and provide alarms.
  • Generator Replacement: Prime consultant for the replacement of existing emergency generator located in boiler plant.
  • Water Softener Replacement: Provided mechanical engineering services for the replacement of the original water softener system with new system tanks and controls.
  • Chiller Conversions: Retrofit of four centrifugal chillers and conversion from R-11 to R-123
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