• Provided mechanical engineering services for complete modernization of chiller plant controls.  Chiller plant consists of 1-1000 ton and 3-1150 ton centrifugal chillers, associated cooling towers and pumps.  Provided mechanical engineering services for upgrading capacity of existing 1,000-ton ceramic cooling tower to 1,150 tons.  Prime consultant for replacement of existing 750-ton chiller with 1,150-ton chiller.  Upgraded ceramic cooling towers from 750-ton capacity to 1,150-ton capacity.  Replaced associated pumps and interfaced chiller with new automation system
  • Provided study of existing secondary chilled water system and made recommendations for improving performance of chilled water distribution system.  Implementation of recommendations resulted in the reducing the chilled water demand from the central plant and enabled the chillers to operate in an N+1 manner during the summer.  Previously, all chillers were required to operate to meet secondary system demand requirements.
  • Provided mechanical engineering services for modifying chilled water and condenser water piping to allow pumping redundancy.  Plate & frame heat exchanger was also added to allow for waterside economizer use.  Chiller plant controls and sequences were modified as required to allow for new system operations.
DCH Medical Center Chiller Plant